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Daybed Covers

    Daybed Trundles Add Sleeping Space

    Trundle beds have long been used as convenient and space efficient way to add extra sleeping space. When combined with a daybed, a trundle can provide an extra bed that can be stored away until it is needed without taking up the extra space needed for a conventional bed. When combined with a daybed, trundle beds are a great way to maximize space and comfort.

    There are two basic types of trundle beds available. The most common type of trundle is a low profile bed that can be stored under a daybed and pulled out when needed. The low profile means you will be sleeping close to the floor. Some conventional bed frames are high enough to allow room for storing a low profile trundle. The trundle has wheels or casters that allow you to roll the trundle easily into place.

    A bed frame with drawers is most often referred to as a captains bed. The origin of the term no doubt comes from the need for storage space in the tight confines of life on board ship. Space aboard ship is a precious commodity so shipbuilders and sailors became very adept at finding storage space. Even the captainís quarters may have been no bigger than a large closet and space for the bed was considered wasted if provisions were not made for storage underneath.

    Drawers were often built under the bed to accommodate the storage needs that officers had. Most ship crews had few personal possessions but officers were allowed more privilege when it came to clothing and other personal items. Today, captains beds can be found with a trundle bed and mattress that is completely concealed inside the bed.

    There are even bunk bed and loft bed frames available with a trundle bed conveniently designed into the frame.

    A trundle bed is very popular accessory to go with a daybed. Many daybed frames are designed to set high enough so that a trundle can be rolled underneath. Often a fabric skirt is used to conceal the presence of the trundle. Many styles of daybed covers and daybed ensembles will include a matching skirt. Other more elaborate daybed frame designs will have the trundle built into the frame, very similar to a drawer.

    There are trundle beds designed for daybeds that unfold and popup to a height equal to the height of the daybed mattress. The result is a sleeping surface equal to that of a standard king size bed. Since daybeds and trundles use a standard size twin mattress, so you will not need to invest in different sizes of bed linens.

    Trundle beds do not require a separate box spring or other type of foundation for the mattress. Trundles are usually constructed with a link spring that is by far the best way to support the mattress. The link spring consists of a set of metal rails with several strong metal supports and a series of metal links spaced approximately four inches apart that provide some flexibility and lots of support.

    There are a couple of thing to remember when purchasing a mattress for a trundle bed. When purchasing a mattress for a trundle you must keep in mind that hideaway trundles have definite height limitation. Pillow top and some plush top mattresses may be too tall to allow the trundle to be stored under your daybed. There are many fine quality standard height mattresses available. The average height of a standard twin sized mattress is eight to ten inches.

    So consider a quality trundle bed if you need extra temporary sleeping space for overnight guests and as an accessory to your daybed.

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