Daybed Covers

Daybed Covers

    Daybeds A Place To Sleep

    Modern daybeds offer a decorative and practical alternative to the traditional sleeper sofa. A simple daybed is a great way to turn that extra bedroom into a comfortable spot to congregate, lounge and catch some sleep. Available in many styles, there is a daybed that can compliment any decor.

    When accommodating an overnight guest, the daybed can be quickly converted from a place to sit to a comfortable bed. All you need to do is turn down the covers and you are ready to go. While sofa beds are convenient they do come with some drawbacks compared to daybeds.

    The mattress of the typical sofa bed is much thinner than a standard mattress. Daybeds can accommodate a standard twin size mattress, even thicker plush and pillow top mattress styles. I personally find most sofa bed mattresses to be a little lumpy for my taste and no comparison to a quality bed mattress.

    Standard size fitted bottom sheets can be used with the thin mattress of a sofa bed but my experience is that the sheets do not fit very well. The pockets of most fitted sheets are deep enough for a standard height mattress. Since the mattress on most sofa beds is so thin, the sheets fit rather loosely. A daybed can accept a standard size twin mattress and fitted sheets can be used without bunching which I find to be much more comfortable.

    As the name implies, a daybed can used as a place to relax during the day. Many decorative daybed covers are available to match most any decorating motif, from high style to the simplicity of a country cottage. Since the days of antiquity, variations of the modern daybed graced the home of Roman senators and Greek philosophers. Wood was a scarce commodity in many areas of the Mediterranean and early daybeds were often made of marble or stone and lavishly upholstered in silks.

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